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Graphic Design  
JKS Business Card  
Example of a company business card. Text-and-line based graphic design. The challenge here was to add interest and implied motion into the design. Adobe InDesign

JKS Business System  
Along with the business card, here is an example of a unified business system: letterhead, envelope, and mailing label.

Tom Savell: You Just Gotta Love It CD Art  

The CD cover, insert, trey card and on-disk printing were created in Adobe Illustrator. With this debut solo album, Tom Savell won the New Music Weekly Hot Adult Contemporary Artist of the year!

Note: Link opens multi-page PDF in separate window. Scroll through the pages to see additional pieces.

Fetal Pigs In Brine Band Logo

The surfing Fetal Pig in a jar logo was layered together from stock photography and manipulated using Adobe Photoshop.

Decemberchild Benefit Concert 2013 Admission Ticket
Carrying on the concept of implied motion through diagonal lines. This design uses more color and imagery. Adobe Illustrator
Web Design  
Decemberchild Website  

This is the latest incarnation of the Decemberchild web page. With this design, I used a grid-based layour, which I have found to be a reliable way to get results for web design. Adobe Dreamweaver with additional Javascript and CSS coding.

Link opens website in separate window.

Data Driven Reports  
Account Growth Summary (Financial)  

This is a sample report using real data, generated off of a SQL Database using Microsoft Access. Both the select statement query and the report template were created in Access.

Note: Link opens multi-page PDF in separate window. Scroll through the pages to see additional content.

Value of Active Management: Composite Allocations (Financial)  

This is a marketing piece using actual composite strategy data from Niemann Capital Management, a Money Manager. This data was queried of a SQL Database using Microsoft Access, which is then imported into Microsoft Excel, where the layout template was created.

Link opens PDF in separate window.

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